Mini Sessions I Kirksville, MO


Its that time of year to send Greetings Cards and update your gallery! I am offering Mini Sessions for ONE day only on October 27th at Thousand Hills. I will be doing sessions from 4:30, 5:00, 5:30, & 6:00. Each session will last 25 minutes, and you will get to pick your top 10 photos from the shoot. (You can purchase additional photos for a small fee.) Please contact Kelsey Jackson Photography to book your session!

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Rissler Family I Kirksville, MO


Can we take a moment to appreciate the lighting?! The beautiful sun was on point that morning, but so was the heat. The Rissler Family did awesome despite the warn weather. They had big smiles, lots of laughs, and fun ideas! 

I was honored to capture Desmonds newborn photos along with some family photos last year. It was an amazing experience then, and it was a joy to meet up with them again this year. I love being able to work with this sweet family. They are some of the kindest people!

I hope you get a feel of their loving personalities from these photos. They truly are some of the sweetest!  


Beal Family I Kirksville, MO


I loved being able to photograph this family! They were a dream to work with last year, and they were so much fun to hang out with at Thousand Hills this year. We had a lot of fun hiking around the beautiful park. I hope you enjoy this adorable family! 


Jacobs Family I Kirksville, MO


I was lucky enough to photograph this good family while they were visiting Kirksville, MO. They have lived in Kirksville for many years but they recently moved to Texas. I know that there were many who were sad about the move away from here. They are one of a kind family who is nice, caring, and so much fun! 


Matthew + Aubrey I Kirksville, MO


I was lucky enough to take engagement pictures for this adorable couple! They were brave enough to begin during the early morning hours to get the cool weather and rising sun! Even with the heat, they were smiling and laughing. You can tell that they love each other so much! It was adorable!  They are as beautiful on the inside as the out. Congrats you two!!  


Vause Family I Kirksville, MO


If you haven't tasted Kassidee's bread then you haven't tried the best homemade bread. Making bread is not her only talent, but she is incredibly thoughtful, fun, and smart. When we first moved to Kirksville, their family helped us move our stuff, and they gave a warm welcome into the area. They have been such great friends, and we admire their adorable family so much! 

I was so excited to find out that she was the winner of the giveaway a few months back. She wanted to save her free family session until her boys got a little bigger. It turned out to be perfect because we were able to do a shoot at the Fouch's Christmas Tree Farm in Kirksville. If you are in Kirksville, and you haven't been to this site then it is a must! You can pick and cut your tree down for under $30, and its a fun family outing. I loved being able to photograph this cute family in a perfect setting, even if it may have been a little cold!


Jackman Family I Kirksville, MO


These kiddos are some of my favorites at church. They are so sweet, and they always come to say "hi". I think they are such an adorable family, especially that Sawyer. And if you have ever met Amber then you are probably as blown away with her as I am! They are such a great family!


Beal Family I Kirksville, MO


Ever since I moved to Kirksville, I have been hearing about the Beal Family. Several people told me that this family is nice, fun, and talented. It was great to finally meet them over a mini session and see for myself. Within 5 minutes of meeting them, I understood just what everyone was saying. They are an amazing family! Their love for each other is undeniable, and they make you feel better just by being around them. It is definitely one of my favorites from 2016! 


Udall Family I Kirksville, MO


I am playing a little catch up from my fun Mini Sessions in 2016! The Udall Family was my first for the weekend, and it could not have gone any better. This family is picture perfect, and their kids are the cutest! (I may be a little partial because they're family.) I loved being able to capture their family during this season of life!


Thomas Family I Kirksville, MO


When I first moved to Kirksville, I met Elizabeth. She is one the nicest people that I know, and she has such a big heart. I am so impressed with her! It was so much fun to meet the rest of her cute family, and they are the cutest!


Rollins Family I Kirksville, MO


My shoot with the Rollins Family was so much fun! We played games, made silly faces, and played on lots of hay. Everything came together perfectly from the perfect location to the amazing weather to the laughs and giggles from the kids. I love when magic happens! It was a session for the books! 


Brannen Family I Kirksville, MO


A couple months ago, I had the opportunity to connect with this dynamite family! As we began planning for the session, I could tell that this was going to be a good one. They are as cute, fun, and nice as they come! It was special to capture these priceless moments. Thank you for letting me be apart of your world Brannen Family!